Our Services

Our Services

  • Collation
  • Collation plus chronology
  • Other services

Collation, Schedules, Indexing, & Missing records analysis.

We take great care with the records with which we have been entrusted. Each bundle is acknowledged upon receipt and its progress tracked at all times. Radiology/Records discs are identified, counted & logged.

All records are sorted in house at our secure alarmed premises and we never post records out to our part time workers. As the sorting process is fully controlled and checked all under one roof prior to pagination, you can be assured that each bundle will have a familiar arrangement with consistency to the sectioning. We will correct common problems such as double sides, multiple A5 copying and booklet style records copied out of sequence.

Numbering Bespoke pagination in any style & placement on the page as you prefer.
Indexing Our indices are simple to read and clear to follow. Dates are included to enable swift/easy analysis of what time periods you hold.
Radiology discs Accessed & scheduled, secured within a presentation folder & inserted within the records. Duplicate discs can also be created if required.
CTG Where appropriate we will create a schedule of CTG’s and give each trace a secure pocket and page number.
Missing records We will check your bundle for missing care providers or pertinent notes missing from those present. A report will be provided with the returned bundle. If however the missing records appear extensive or critical to the case, then we will contact you prior to pagination to discuss putting things on hold whilst further records are obtained.

Collation plus Chronology

All services above, plus a detailed medical chronology prepared by the most appropriate team member. We will list in brief any areas of relevance from the previous medical history and make a note of any possible relevant PMH records which you do not hold.

The events surrounding the alleged negligence or injury are covered in detail with all relevant investigations & notes checked and cross referenced. Crucial missing records are identified. Events to present status are then covered more briefly, with detail as required. Our staff our trained to analyse the records objectively, we will scrutinise them for both supportive and non-supportive evidence to give you a clear picture of the best way to proceed.

All chronologies are checked by our in house Doctor or Senior Nurse before being issued back to you. We provide a separate “comments” version of the chronology, with extra narrative as regards the treatment, anomalies & missing records.

We will also provide a common glossary of medical abbreviations with each case.

Other Services

We will tailor our services to fit most of your possible needs. Other services currently provided include:
Updates to records.
Creation of core bundles.
Creation of digital records from paper copies.


We aim to turn all bundles around with 2 to 3 weeks from receipt. Timescales may be slightly longer during very busy periods, or for exceptionally large bundles, and we will update you if this is the case. We also have an urgent service available for when you need help with a deadline, or if limitation is looming!