Digital records

Whether you wish to simply have back up for your paper records – or are interested in going completely paperless, we can help:

  • Complimentary PDF for each paginated lever arch of records.
  • Provided by encrypted CD-ROM or via secure download.
  • Convert existing paper records to PDF for cost effective storage at the end of your case.

“They aren’t just any old PDFs… They’re Order Order! PDFs”
Scanning of records isn’t just something we do on special request once the records have already been paginated. Making them digital is part of our standard process. Numbers are clear and can be in any format or placement as you prefer.

We take a great deal of care to ensure your PDFs will render at least as well as the original copies we were provided with – there is no point having a digital set of records that compare poorly to the master set. Paper is treated with an anti-static process prior to scanning, we never scan on the lowest settings and poor quality records are identified & scanned on maximum resolution. Photographs are scanned on a photographic setting and in colour if the original was provided that way.

You or your expert may prefer to work from digital copies alone, so we can (if requested) embed linked indices within your PDF.

“What happens to the PDFs when there are update records to add?”
We will supply both a fully updated version of the master PDF/s and an “updates only” PDF. The updates only PDF can then be securely supplied to any third parties holding a previous set, for them to easily update their version.